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Frank and Sarah Ager Roberts Family

Welcome to the Frank Roberts Family Reunion Website.  Here you will find information pertaining to the reunion set for August 11 – 13, 2017.

Frank Roberts, the oldest son of Osborne Roberts and Martha Ann. Frank was one of nine children, two boys and seven, girls-Osborne, Jr, Frank, Alice Lucretia, Aneda, Clara, Diana, Gineva and Tina Roberts.

Tales from the past reflect that Frank was a slave that was freed when he was eight years old. Frank married Sarah Ager of Coden, Alabama. They were blessed with eleven children, four girls and seven boys. They were Alice, Edna, Glovinia, Selena Lawrence, Benjamin, Marion, Charlie, Orville, and Henry, and Levert Roberts.

ALL Reunions Fees, Reunion Registration and Hotel Reservations Due: July 1, 2017.


Robert’s Reunion Agenda

DAY-1 Aug-11
7.00 PM
Welcome Reception

Sheraton Cumberland – Vining Room
2844 Cobb Pkwy SE, Atlanta, GA 30339

DAY-2 Aug-12

8:00am-11:00am (Discounted Sheraton Grande Breakfast Buffet Tickets are available for $17.00- Purchase at Welcome Reception)

Day of ATL

City Passes – Interest Like Groups will sign-up at Welcome Reception to establish shuttle and fee

6:00 PM
Roberts Family ``All White`` Dinner
Roberts Family ``All White`` Dinner

Adults: 13 or Older – $40.00
Children: 2 and 12 – $20.00
Cobb Galleria Centre & Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre
Two Galleria Parkway, Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Buy Banquet Tickets

Please Register and Confirm Reservations ASAP

DAY-3 Aug-13
8:00 AM
Sunday Morning Family Prayer

Vinings Room


8:00am-11:00am (Discounted Sheraton Grande Breakfast Buffet Tickets are available for $17.00- Purchase at Welcome Reception)

10:30 AM

Worship Service

Zion Hill Baptist Church, 6175 Campbellton Road, Atlanta, GA 30331

Contact Information

If you need additional information, please email or contact:
Raphaella Archie, 251.769.7171 and Deatra Adams 615.403.5361

DescendantContact 1Contact 2
Charlie RobertsIsiah Roberts Deatra Adams
Orville RobertsN/A
Edna Roberts TaylorDellie Sullivan
Alice Green N/A
Glovinia Roberts YoungIsadora (Mickie) WilsonRicky Lang
Selena Roberts Adams Marshall Orvine Davis Darnisha Davis Johnson
Lawrence RobertsTerry Huff
Benjamin Roberts Leon Roberts, Jr.
Marion RobertsJanice Roberts
Henry RobertsRosetta DotsonHarolan Humes
LeVert Robertsno contact



Reunion Fee:

Adults: 13 or Older – $25.00
Children: 5 to 12 – $15.00

  • Purchase T-shirts

    Bling Bling Printing

    T-Shirts will be purchased directly from the vendor using PayPal or mail. They will be available for pick-up at the Welcome Reception. All orders must be placed by July 15.

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  • Banquet Tickets

  • Pay Reunion Fees


Check out the Venue Information

Sheraton Cumberland

(Please use host hotel until we meet contract agreement)

(All Suites) Friday $129 to $139; Saturday $129 to $139

Address: 2844 Cobb Pkwy SE
Atlanta, GA  30339
Phone:  (770) 955-3900

Local hotels with no contract:

  • Renaissance Waverly/Cobb Galleria Convention Center – (770) 953-4500
  • Hyatt Place/Cobb Galleria Convention Center – (770) 384-0060
  • Hampton Inn/Cumberland Mall – (770) 333-6006


Remember to…

Register all family members (Must be registered to participate)

Reserve Room

Buy Family Dinner Tickets

Order your T-Shirts


Check back frequently for a running list of announcements pertaining to the reunion so you can plan accordingly.

McIntosh -Mobile Family Bus will leave 11:00am Friday, August 11 from McIntosh High School (will stop in Creola for Mobile riders) and depart from Georgia at 1:00 on Sunday, August 13. $75.00 per seat.

Contact: Terry Huff 251-689-4356

Dial in Conference Call  Saturday, June 10, 2017 @ 10:00am    (CT)

Meeting phone:  1-866-740-1260

Meeting access code:  8273813

Promote your Business – Vendor tables are available for Friday night Welcome Reception. If you are interesting in promoting your business or selling items please email or call Deatra 615-403-5361 or $30 per table

Memory Tables – Bring pictures, artifacts and heirlooms to showcase in the gallery at the welcome reception.


  1. Anthony Humes II
  2. Dominique Humes
  3. Raphaella Archie
  4. Tia Archie
  5. Brooklyn Curtis
  6. Wyndell Archie
  7. Teena Roberts
  8. Tracey Broussard
  9. Alexis Broussard
  10. Nala Breech
  11. Carmen Caldwell
  12. Marvin Caldwell
  13. Steven Caldwell
  14. Faith Caldwell
  15. DeAnna Roberts
  16. Zelia Roberts
  17. Desmond Roberts
  18. Harolan R Humes
  19. Anthony Humes
  20. Sommer Humes
  21. Chloe Simmons
  22. Eugene Roberts
  23. Dorothy Roberts
  24. Rachael Roberts
  25. LaNeshia Patrick
  26. Linda Robinson
  27. Eric Patrick, Jr.
  28. Emery Patrick
  29. Isadora Wilson
  30. Rickey Lang
  31. Stanley Lang
  32. Lexus Lang
  33. Everett Roberts
  34. Julia Roberts
  35. Danielle Egharevba
  36. Ik Egharevba
  37. Faith Thomas
  38. Justin Thomas
  39. Jaden Humes
  40. Justin Thomas, Jr.
  41. Gia Thomas
  42. Andrew Burden
  43. Inez Curtis
  44. Youlanda Curtis
  45. Deatra Adams
  46. Bruce Adams Jr.
  47. Bridgette Adams
  48. John Glenn Broussard
  49. Bernard Roberts
  50. Deborah Roberts
  51. Cory Humes
  52. Daphne Oliver-Aime
  53. Kay’le Humes
  54. Cory Humes, Jr.
  55. Darnisha Johnson
  56. Ricardo Johnson
  57. David C. Davis
  58. Gwendolyn Davis
  59. Nia Johnson
  60. Jaia Johnson
  61. Valarie Roberts
  62. John Hill
  63. Joseph Hill
  64. Stephanie Hill
  65. Russel Parker
  66. Veronica Roberts
  67. Michael Fields, Jr
  68. Omar Wright
  69. Michael Fields, III
  70. Christy Hill
  71. Dereck Locklear
  72. Delsyn Locklear
  73. Londyn Locklear
  74. Carl Barner
  75. Voncile Barner
  76. Tedra Barner
  77. Carl Barner
  78. Kiandra Franklin
  79. Terry Huff
  80. Ernestine Roberts
  81. Valerie Wilson
  82. Ronald Broussard
Attention: July 8, 2017 at 10:am cst 1-866-740-1260 access code 8273813